Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's a Marvelous Night for a Moon Dance...

See You On High...Among The Stars


  1. Hi Sheila, so nice to meet you. Oh I love Michael Buble too. He is just so cute, Did you see him on Oprah, just adorable! And your pictures from Christmas with the snow! It's really beautiful. We had a white Christmas, and it's still on the ground! I'm in SW Missouri and we usually don't have a white Christmas. This year was wonderful.
    I have a Bible Study Blog also, found on my side bar "a day in the life..." come by when you can.
    Thanks for the visit!

  2. Hi Sheila
    Thanks for popping by.. well this is the perfect outing for me... I love the moon, one of my favourite things in this life... so if I were to attend this lovely event I'd have to wear my gold ballgown to accent with the silver of the moon.. haha

    Beautiful snowy images below. No white christmas here.. it is the peak of summer... take care .. Julie

  3. Well this sounds exciting. I would wear a very billowy (sp?)navy tulle skirt. Barefoot and nothing on top!! Well I dream with nothing on top and no one notices.Besides your shoulders forever look good, even as you grow older. Happy to be invited...julie