Monday, March 30, 2009

It's A Tuesday Day

As I skip out my front door in my cute little flippy skirt to begin my day, I look around and see green and sunshine everywhere...then I awake and smell the coffee...thank goodness that was a dream this 66 year old grandmother was having. But...on the other hand, it IS a beautiful spring day. No skipping!...No flippy skirt! Darn, that would have been fun...sigh!

An Afternoon Stroll in a Little Irish Village

Ireland has the most delightful little country villages. The locals would probably call them towns. The appeal is so a storybook. Narrow streets and sidewalks, beautiful and colorful buildings and shops. All with a sense of another little world of it's own. Flower boxes in every window.....a little pub/cafe on every block. you can even order take away America . it would be take out. What a pleasurable experience to spend the day. My daughter Mary Lindsey and my niece Jennifer, though younger, enjoyed the culture.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin go braugh!

St. Patrick's Day will never mean the same to me after visiting Ireland this past summer. Seeing is believing. It is the most beautiful, serene land one could ever imagine. What makes it more special is to know that my ancestry began there. After spending nine days in this lovely, heavenly corner of the world, I was forever changed. Now, I am consumed in all things Ireland.

What a special day to begin my blog journey. This is a forum where I would like to share my musings and interests. I'm beginning my blog with all things Ireland. Come along and let's discover...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Galway Bay

I love to study history and the cultures of other countries. The most fasinating for me is anything about the Emerald Isle. I have read every book and story I can get my hands on about the Irish. There are so many wonderful historical novels written, published and ready to read. My latest fav is called Galway Bay. it is so real in it's interpretation of the strength a family struggles throughout the potato famine and then having to immigrate to America which was certainly not easy adjusting to this new life in a strange new world.You learn of of the closeness of family keeping their beliefs strong. A lot of Irish language is used along with their true compassion for their heritage. Worthy of reading.

A Rose and a Baby Ruth

Prom Nite

Photo via FlickR

A Rose and a Baby Ruth for each and every one of you. The age of innocence. That song from my youth, by George Hamilton IV, evokes memories of simple times, freedom, young love, and the carefree Americana vision of that time period. That song has always represented those things to me. I am a very nostalgic romanticist and I have so many thoughts, ideas, and musings that I can not wait to share with you. Please let me do so!